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Ptashka achieved a FIRST with 71.66% in Novice FS to Music at Swallowfields EC and a qualification for the Regionals!!!



Ptashka achieved 65% in Nov 39Q and a 2nd place in Elem 45 with 63.79% at Hartpury 

6/12/15 at Moreton Morrell - Ptashka achieved 73.61% in Novice FSM and 3rd place. 


12/12/15 at Kingswood EC - Ptashka achieved a FIRST place and 69.31% in Novice 39 and a 2nd place in Novice FSM with 66.39% - superstar!!!



Daphne at her second dressage competition at Solihull EC achieved 69.32% in Prelim 4 and 3rd place.  In Prelim 15 and strong competition she was awarded 70.22% and 2nd place.  So proud!!!



Daphne's first dressage at Solihull EC, where she achieved 66.46% in Prelim 14 and 68.33% in Prelim 18


Abbey Dressage - Trailblazers Qualifier - Maseer achieved 66.59 In Prelim 19 and 65.21 in Prelim 14 qualifying for the second round. 


Abbey Dressage - qualifier for Trailblazers - Ptashka achieved 68.62 in Novice 22 and 68.83 in Elem 49 and in her first Medium 63 HC achieved a very pleasing 63.97%.  



Brilliant afternoon at Centaur Camp where Daphne (Wish Upon A Star (Gribaldi) had a lesson with Judy Harvey.  



Summerhouse EC, British Dressage - Ptashka achieved two very pleasing results today - 67% and a 2nd place in Novice 23 and 67.7% and 3rd place in Novice 38 WQ.   





To be held at


Crutch Lane, Droitwich, Worcs WR9 0BE

 on Monday 2nd November 2015 from 5pm

Kate teaches from Intro to Medium and competes on young and schoolmaster horses up to Elementary/Medium, atBritish Dressage and Trailblazers, qualifying for Area Festivals and Trailblazers Championships.

 So remember there is no such thing as ‘CAN’T’ -  come along and have fun!!

 limited spaces available please contact me on

07510 157618

to book your space.

 Individual lesson £25 or

 Group Lesson up to 3 £20 pp.




PTASHKA achieve TWO x FIRST places and one qualification at Abbey Dressage with her best score so far in Novice 24 with 68.85% and in Novice 37 with 64.29% - so proud of this little mare, she tries her hardest all the time ;o))



MASEER achieved two qualifications today at Abbey Dressage with 65.96% and FIRST in Prelim 17 and 66.04% in Prelim 14 and 2nd place.  



Ptashka (Toman x Perspektiva) owned, broken and bred and schooled by ourselves achieved the following results at Area Festival - Summerhouse EC.

Novice 38 judged by three judges  - position H - 62.42% - position C - 68.06% - position M - 65.16% 

Overall average 65.22% = 12th 

Novice Freestyl to Music - 70.28% - 2nd place 


Thanks to Jasmine Punter Photography for the above photo 




Ptashka achieved very pleasing results at Kingswood EC 65.64, 62.41,62.90 in Novice 38. photo credit Real Time Imaging

5/6th September 2015 


So proud of my client Gaynor Rose and her mare Zyta for her achievements at the British Arabian Championships (6th in a very strong ridden mare class) and British Amateur Championships (2nd in the ridden mare class) held at Kings EC, Bromyard.  Well done to all involved, they have worked so hard this year. 

30/31st August 2015.

Great weekend coaching event at my yard, with lots of positive feedback.  Many thanks to all who attended. 



Ptashka owned by Auchmillan Arabians achieved 64.03% in Nov 38 BD WQ today at Allenshill. 



Maseer owned by Auchmillan Arabians achieved two winter qualifiers today at Allenshill in P15 with 66.09% and 2nd place and a 4th in P17 with 65.77% - so proud of him. 



Ptashka, owned by Auchmillan Arabians, ridden and produced by Kate Evans achieved a 3rd place in Novice 39 with 64.65% in strong company. 



Maseer owned by Auchmillan Arabians, trained and ridden by Kate Evans,  competed in his first 'affiliated' British Dressage today - he achieved a creditable mark of 64.42% and a 5th place. 



Ptashka achieved a 2nd place in Novice 39 with 65.34% at Swallowfield EC and in training Elementary 59 a very creditable plus 60%  - this mare tries so hard to please. 

1/8/15   Well done to my client Sue Jones and Remy who achieved a 3rd in W & T at Solihull RC with 66.25% and a 4th place in Prelim 18 with 66.88% - all the hard work is beginning to pay off ;o))



Trailblazers Dressage Championships, Stoneleigh. Ptashka (Toman x Perspektiva) owned and bred by Auchmillan Arabians and produced and ridden by Kate Evans Dressage over three days of dressage achieved the following results: 

Elementary 44 Championship Qualifier - 4th with a score of 67.40%

Novice 27 Championship Qualifier - 10th with a score of 65.71%

and in the Final of the Nettex Senior Elementary Championship in Elementary 49 she achieved a 7th with a score of 66%.

Its amazing that just 12 months ago at Trailblazers this special and talented mare was competing at Prelim. 



Trailblazers Dressage Championships, Stoneleigh.  Layston Chester, owned by Bryony Harris and produced and ridden by Kate Evans Dressage achieved a 10th in the Elementary 44 Championship Qualifier with a score of 63.60%



Trailblazers Dressage Championships, Stoneleigh. Maseer (Toman x YA Menika) 6 year old gelding bred and owned by Auchmillan Arabians over three days of dressage at his first major dressage championship, performed superbly and achieved a 7th in the Prelim 13 Championship Qualifier with 67.08% 



So proud of my client, Gaynor Rose and her Arab mare Zyta, who competed at North Staffs International C Show today - winning the RASS ridden mare class and gaining the highest score in the section Mares/Geldings/Stallions.  Then achieving a 2nd place in the CARE ridden Class and 4th x 7 in the Novice Ridden Mare class.  All her hard work is now paying dividends - huge congratulations to them. photos to follow ;o))



Congratulations to my client Sue Jones on achieving a 2nd place in the Veteran Class at Hanbury Show with her horse Remy (who is 20year old and looks superb) 

On the 19th June 2015 my dressage mare Jasmina (Jazz Rubin) produced a stunning colt foal by Franklyn Sugar (Furst Heinrich).

'Harry' by Franklyn Sugar (Furst Heindrich x Aileen x Accord) x Jasmina (Jazz Rubin x Fabiola x Fabriana)



Maseer achieved 66.59% and 5th place in Prelim 4 and 67.29% and 6th place in Prelim 13 at Solihull RC a warm up before Trailblazers later this month. 



Ptashka, Maseer, Layston Chester and Maddison went to the gallops for a stretch ;o)))



Ptashka achieved a 3rd x 9 in Novice 37 with 63% at Summerhouse EC and in 'Training' in Elementary 43 a mark of 65.66%. 



Maseer (Toman x YA Menika) entered his FIRST ridden showring at Royal Three Counties, he coped remarkably well with the electric atmosphere and was initially pulled in 6th out of 9 and moved up to 3rd after the judge rode him.  We are so proud of how he behaved and will definately be ready for Trailblazers next month!!!



Ptashka achieved 63.96% amongst some strong competition at Solihull BD in Novice 34 and gained a 2nd place. 



Ptashka (Toman x Perspektiva) achieved a 3rd place x 10 with 65.19 in Novice 30 at Hunters Equestrian in strong competition.  



Ptashka (Toman x Perspektiva) owned by Auchmillan Arabians, achieved a third place in British Dressage Novice 37 at Allenshill in very strong competition.  



Maseer (Toman x YA Menika) owned by Auchmillan Arabians, ridden and produced by Kate Evans QUALIFIED for TRAILBLAZERS CHAMPIONSHIPS in Prelim by achieving a very creditable 69.58% and 5th place x 28 competitors at Swallowfields EC.  



Thank you Combi-Ride for the new top up to my menage ;o))))



Toman (Grand x Queens Topaz) owned by Auchmillan Arabians, ridden and produced by Kate Evans entered his first Novice Freestyle to Music at Kings Equestrian, Bromyard and won the class with 72.77%.  



Layston Chester, owned by Bryony Harris and ridden by Kate Evans achieved two qualifications at Kings Equestrian, Bromyard to the summer Trailblazers Championships,  in Novice and Elementary.



Ptashka owned by Auchmillan Arabians and produced and ridden by Kate Evans achieved TWO qualifications to Trailblazers Summer Championships, in Novice and Elementary. 

April 2015


We welcomed Daphne to our yard and our hearts.  17.2hh, 5 yr old chestnut mare whose pedigree includes such famous horses as Gribaldi - Houston - Belisar and Welton Crackerjack.  We intend to bring her on slowly and hope to do future dressage with her. 

Digger owned by Sarah Tait, ridden by Kate Evans at Cameg Dressage Clinic



I was invited to give a two day Dressage Clinic at Susan MacArthur's Cameg Arabian Stud and Livery Yard near Edinburgh, Scotland on 4th and 5th April 2015. 


The weather was tremendous, as were the horses and enthusiastic pupils - with seven individual lessons on Saturday and eight on Sunday.


It was a most enjoyable weekend, hard work for pupils, their horses, I nearly lost my voice but came away knowing we'd all achieved a huge amount and hopefully I helped them get closer to their goals.  Homework has been set and I look forward to returning at the beginning of May to do another two day clinic.


NEXT CLINIC  2nd and 3rd May 2015



PTASHKA owned by Auchmillan Arabians achieved a 4th place in Novice 39 at Hartpury today with a score of 62.41 in very strong competition and despite losing a front shoe going down the centre line at the start.  



ZK Psyrenity (Psynergy x Jola) owned by Brenda Cooper a British National In Hand Arab Champion. In her first dressage competition in over a year achieved a very respectable 66.4% and wonderful comments from the judge. Ridden and produced by Kate Evans Dressage. 



Maseer (Toman x YA Menika) owned by Auchmillan Arabians achieved a 3rd in Prelim 4 at Swallowfields EC with 66.14.  Really proud of him now coping with different venues, onwards and upwards.



Ptashka (Toman x Perspektiva) owned by Auchmillan Arabians achieved a 2nd in Novice 39 at Swallowfields EC with 67.07%.  In Elementary 43 (in training) achieved a worthy 63.45 and would have been 3rd.  She is progressing well and we are so proud of her. 



Dressage at Swallowfields EC with Maseer (Toman x YA Menika) owned by Auchmillan Arabians - entered his first Novice test (24) and achieved over 65% - although still a baby, he tries so hard to please.  Lovely comments from the judge.



Dressage at Swallowfields with Maseer who achieved two FIRSTS with 70.45% in Prelim 4 and 72.89% in Prelim 1, so proud of this young man.



Trailblazers at Swallowfield with Leyston Chester owned by Bryony Harris. Chester achieved a 2nd in Novice 27 with 70% and a 4th in Novice 28 with 69.58% and qualified for the next round.



Trailblazers at Swallowfields and Marmooq achieved a 4th in Novice 27 with 67.86% and a 5th in Novice 28 with 69.17% and qualified for the next round,



British Dressage Novice 38 at Swallowfields with Ptashka achieving a 2nd with 66.93%



Ptashka achieved 63.65% in Novice 30 at Swallowfields BD today.

October 2014








JASMINA (Jazz Rubin x Fabiola(Fabriano) scanned in foal to the stunning Franklyn Sugar What a 'Sugarbaby' this is going to be.



PTASHKA (Toman x Perspektiva) achieved a FIRST with 72.14% in Novice 27 and in her first Elementary 44 achieved 64.81% and a SECOND place.  Now qualified for second round Trailblazers 2015.



MARMOOQ (Aja Shakakhan x YA Menika) achieved 67.06% and 4th place in his first Novice (22) test.



PTASHKA owned by Auchmillan Arabians, achieved the following superb results

N34 - 68.33% - P12 - 67% - N30 - 67.69% = 9th x 33. P13 - 63.33% - N27 - 65.36% missing out on 10th position by 0.18% so 11th x 33



RAFAEL PA owned by Georgina Smith achieved in N34 - 67.08% but had to cope with rain/thunder and flooded arena etc on the final day which affected his score of 60.36% in N27 but still gaining 12th place.



LAYSTON CHESTER owned by Bryony Harris, achieved wonderful results in his first major championship. P12 - 63.2%. N30 - 64.23% = 10th x 33.  Following day P13 69.17% = 4th x 30 and N27 - 62.86%. 



MASEER (Toman x YA Menika) owned by Auchmillan Arabians.  Broken at the end of 2013 and brought on carefully over the last few months by Kate, he entered his first dressage competition and we were thrilled with his achievements.  First in P1 with 64.21% and First in P15 with 68.91%.  Can't wait for his next competition.



MARMOOQ achieved great results at Burrows Court with a 3rd place in P15.



MARMOOQ owned and bred by Auchmillan Arabians achieved 66.36% in P19 at Swallowfields EC



ROCCO LA bred and owned by Diane Volpe, at his second dressage event at Allenshill achieved a 2nd with 66.96% in Intro A and a FIRST in P4 with 69.54%



PTASHKA entered her first ridden class today at Three Counties and was awarded a 5th place - really proud of her, coping with a County Show and up against very stiff competition - former HOYS Champions.



Rafael PA owned by Georgina Smith, not only qualified for Trailblazers Championships at Stoneleigh Park in Novice with 67.5% but won his class!!!!!



Marmooq (Aja Shakakhan x YA Menika) qualified for Area Festival at his second Affiliated Dressage competition at Home Farm Equestrian and achieved a 4th in Prelim 19 with 64.7% and a 2nd in Prelim 15 with 68%.



Ptashka (Toman x Perspektiva) qualified for the 2nd round at Trailblazers at Abbey Dressage, achieving a First in Prelim 7 with 69.5% and a 2nd in Prelim 12 with 69%



Marmooq (Aja Shakakhan x YA Menika) owned by Auchmillan Arabians, entered his FIRST AFFILIATED British Dressage competition today at Swallowfields EC. In P17 SQ he achieved a mark of 68.08% and 5th place and in P19 SQ a superb mark of 75% and 2nd place.  I am SO proud of this special boy!!!



ZK Psyrenity (Psynergy x Zola) owned by Brenda Cooper entered her 3rd dressage competition at Allenshill, achieving two FIRST places in Intro A with 65.65% and in P12 66.60%.  What a superstar!!



Ptashka entered her first Affiliated Novice class at Hartpury and achieved 61.25% in N37.



Trailblazers 2nd round at Swallowfields.  Rafael PA (owned by Mrs G Smith) achieved 64.79% in N28 and just missed out of Qualifying.



Trailblazers 2nd round at Swallowfields Layston Chester (owned by Bryony Harris) QUALIFIED in P18 with 68.95% - 4th x 30 and also in N28 with 68.33% - 6th x 23.



Trailblazers 2nd round at Swallowfields PTASHKA achieved 67.5% in P18 =8th x 30 and just missing qualification.  But in Novice 28 she ahieved 68.75% and gained 4th x 23 and QUALIFIED for the Championships.



Ptashka's first visit to the gallops!  She really enjoyed it and managed three runs.


ZK Psyrenity(Psynergy x Jola)owned by Brenda Cooper entered her first dressage competition, Intro B and achieved 66.52% and FIRST place. In Prelim 13 under H/C she gained a very creditable mark.



Marmooq (Aja Shakakhan x YA Menika) 66.75 in P7 and 66.87 in P14, so proud of him.



Marmooq (Aja Shakakhan x YA Menika) first dressage for 2014 and gained 61.52 in P15 and 64.54 in P19. Great result considering he hasn't been out since last October!!!



PTASHKA owned by Auchmillan Arabians entered her first Affiliated Novice test at Swallowields (training category) and achieved 66.89%.  What we forget is that this mare hasn't been broken a year yet!!!  Huge congratulations.



PTASHKA owned by Auchmillan Arabians represented Solihull RC at British Riding Clubs Area 5 UK Qualifier and achieved 68.5% in P7 and 10th x 40!!!  Great result considering she hasn't been broken a year yet!!!  SO proud!!



PTASHKA achieved a 2nd and 3rd at Solihull BD against really strong competition with 63.7% and 62.3% qualifying her for the Summer Regionals.  So proud of her.



LAYSTON CHESTER owned by Bryony Harris achieved 66.81% and 5th x 14 in P19 and 68.79%  and 2nd x 10 in N22.  Qualified for Trailblazers at his first attempt - such a clever boy.



RAFAEL PA owned by Mrs G Smith achieved 62.24% in Elementqry 43 - great result at only his second Elementary test.



PTASHKA achieved another consistent score at Swallowfields gaining 64.61% in P17 and 66.3% in P15. 



RAFAEL PA owned by Mrs G Smith achieved 65% in his FIRST ELEMENTARY 42 test at Swallowfields EC.  We knew he could do it!!  So proud of this boy who tries so hard.



PTASHKA achieved a 4th in P14 with 66.04% and a 2nd in P13 with 66.87% at Swallowfields EC

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