Its official Sansa Song KJ  by Sorento x Jasmina is now fully registered with the Oldenburger society 

15th November 2019


Just received my latest qualification

ONE space is available for FULL livery, set in a peaceful, professional yard in Stoke Prior, Bromsgrove. We are a small stud/training yard and we treat your horses like our own with 5* quality care. I have fabulous liveries who all get on very well. 
We have excellent facilities:
✅ 20mx60m all weather floodlit ménage with newly built arena mirrors 
✅ Lunge pen/play pen 
✅ Individual turnout 
✅ Horse walker
✅ 12x12 loose boxes with rubber matting
✅ Hay steamer 
✅ Unlimited homegrown hay/haylage and straw
✅ Wash room with hot shower facilities 
✅ Horsebox and trailer parking 
✅ Owner lives onsite 
✅ Discounted lessons from myself (UKCC L3 coach and BD list 5 judge)

Beautiful Betsy ;o))

Wow.... what a weekend!!! Day 2 of Trailblazers champs and what a way to finish. Dear William competed the Novice and we came away 8th our 25 with 66.79% ?? then we competed the Prelim and gained a massive 70.19% becoming equal champions ??????❤️. I am so very proud of who never disappoints me, he always tries his hardest. Next year is attempting the elementary ?. Wills owner Janet has been a massive part and I can’t thank her enough for the support she has given us ?

Mega chuffed with Maseer (maximus) ? at Solihull RC gaining a 1st with 65.89% in the elementary and a 63.62% in the medium, we would of won the medium section but as he is still gaining confidence at this level I wanted to give him a happy experience at H/C ?. Thank you to Paul Rigby for your fabulous coaching and my parents for supporting us today ??

 At long last my certificates have arrived!

June 2019 


Betsy - bay filly by Sorento (Sandro Hit/Donnerhall) x Jasmina (Jazz) growing into a stunning youngster. 

27th April 2019


Proud is an understatement...... Dear William competing the novice at Swallowfield today gaining a respectable 65.18% and came 4th out of 16 ???. Thank you again Janet for turning William out beautiful 

15th April 2019 at 03.00 a big strong bay filly foal was delivered to JASMINA (Jazz Rubin x Fabiola) by the stunning Sorento (Sandro Hit x Donnerhall) mum and baby and doing well and join her other half siblings by Franklyn Sugar and For Romance II. 


Area Festival June 2018 


Ptashka achieved a 3rd in Advance Medium 91 and in Medium 73 a 9th x 19 entries - so two TOP TENS and on to the next section. 

Photo by Top Shots Photography 

21st June 2018


Maseer achieved a FIRST with a score of 68.39% in Elementary 50 

June 2018


BHS Stage 3 Coach in Complete Horsemanship awarded to Kate Jones by The British Horse Society

Our wonderful mare Jasmina (Jazz) is home and in foal to Sorento (Sandro Hit/Donnerhall)  due April 2019

Sorento (Sandro Hit x Dein Leibling (Donnerhall/Pik Bube I)

reference sire

29th April 2018


William the superstar owned by Janet Evans and ridden by Kate Jones achieving FIRST place x 17 in Novice 37A at Swallowfields 

29th April 2018


Maseer achieving a creditable mark in Nov 37a and a qualification for Area Festivals at Swallowfields 

29th April 2018 


Daphne achieving a very good 2nd place in Novice 37a with just under 67% at Swallowfields 

Daphne has her own photo now on her special Horseward Conditioner ;o))

2nd round qualifier for Trailblazers Championships at Solihull 15th April 2018 


Maseer owned by Auchmillan Arabians and ridden by Kate Jones achieved TWO qualifications 5th (x 15) in Novice 34 with 65% and in his second Elementary E49 3rd 

2nd round qualifier for Trailblazers Championships at Solihull 15th April 2018


William owned by Janet Evans and ridden by Kate Jones achieved TWO qualifications :

FIRST (x 30) in Prelim 13 with just under 77% and 3rd (x 15) in Novice 34 with 66.43%

23rd March 2018 


We have been using


 Horseward - GG Organic Supplements for Horses  HORSEWARD Ltd


on our dressage horses for two months now and the improvement in their condition and way of going is amazing.

100% natural/organic ingredients and some have been specially formulated for one of our 'special' horses!!!  

16/3/18 Allenshill


Ptashka achieved overall FIRST place with 64% in BD Advanced Medium - great achievement!!

9/3/18 - Winter Regionals


Our 'dancing queen' Ptashka gained 65.13% in Elementary Freestyle to Music 



Maseer on his first outing this year achieved 2 x 2nd places at BD in N23 and N37A 

25/2/18 Winter Regionals


Daphne's first Winter Regionals and first stay away from home!!  Took everything in her stride and achieved a very pleasing 66% in Novice Freestyle to Music. 

4/2/18 at Swallowfields


Two qualifications for Trailblazers Championships for William owned by Janet Evans with a 2nd x 17 entries in P13 with 69.80% and a FIRST in Novice 27 with 68.92 ridden by Kate Jones 



Good results in Novice and Elementary - a 1st and 2nd - a nice warm up before Addington at the end of Feb. 

25/1/18 Solihull RC


Ptashka owned and bred by ourselves gain 2 x 62% in her second Medium and Advanced Medium Dressage tests. 

29/10/17 Swallowfields EC


Daphne excelled herself and was awarded overall FIRST place in Novice 34 with 70.47% and qualifying for the Winter Regionals ;o))))

24th October 2017 at Kingswood EC sitting my British Dressage Judges exam - where I was awarded a List 6 Dressage Judge

21/10/17 Solihull


TGCA Championships with William owned by Janet Evans.  In the middle of 'Storm Brian'  dear William achieved 3rd place in Novice Championship

20th October 2017 - Allenshill


Daphne achieved 68.55% in Novice and 65.69% in Elementary - only two points away from qualification for Winter Regionals

13/10/17 Allenshill


Finn owned by Barbara Ellwell and Charlotte Bowden achieved a 2nd in Prelim and 2nd in his first ever Novice test

6/10/17 Allenshill


Novice Winter Qualifier - FIRST with 68.39% and in Elem 40 66.29%



FASHIONABLY LATE KJ (MILLY) our home bred filly was awarded a FIRST PREMIUM from the Oldenburg Grading with great remarks from the judges. 

6/8/17 ONLEY EC


DAPHNE (Wish Upon a Star (Gribaldi) achieved a 3rd in Novice FSM with 69.72% 

6/8/17 ONLEY EC


PTASHKA (Toman x Perspektiva) achieved 68.65% and 1st place in Elementary Freestyle to Music 



PTASHKA our homebred mare achieved a FIRST in Elementary 44 with 69.4% being the highest score from 39 competitors in the three sections - quite an achievement 



MASEER (Toman x YA Menika) our homebred gelding achieved a 6th place in N.27 with 68,04% putting him into the Championship Final where he scored 68.27% in Novice 30 just missing the topten score by 1 point!!  A fabulous achievement from 111 entries, especially as he only just started Novice this year!!!



WILLIAM III owned by Janet Evans and ridden by Kate Jones achieved 9th= with 66,85% in Prelim 12. 4th= in Novice 27 with 67.14% putting him into the Novice Final Championship where he achieved 64.81% in Novice 30 - a brilliant result for a beginner to the Novice section this year. 



DAPHNE achieved TWO FIRSTS in Novice 38 with 75.16% and 75% in Novice Freestyle to Music and a mention in HORSE & HOUND!!!!!



PTASHKA achieved a 2nd in Elem 57 with 64.46% and a 2nd in Elem Freestyle to Music with 68.07%

Jasmina (Jazz Rubin x Fabiola) has given us a stunning filly foal 'Fashionably Late KJ" by For Romance II (Furst Romancier x Gesina (Sir Donnerhall) 

29/4/17 at Summerhouse EC


MASEER our homebred Arab gelding achieved 67.6% and 66.6% in Novice 30 and 34 - 1st and 3rd gaining his qualification to Trailblazers Championships 2017 - brilliant as he's only just started Novice classes.

29/4/17 at Summerhouse EC


PTASHKA our homebred Arab mare achieved a 1st in Elementary 44 with 66.6% gaining her qualification for Trailblazers Championships 2017. 

15/4/17 - Swallofields EC


Brilliant result with William at 2nd round Trailblazers where he qualified for the Championships with a superb result of 71.15% in Prelim and a 3rd place x 36 entries.  Huge thanks to his owner Janet Evans for allowing me to ride him. 

15/4/17 - Swallowfields EC


Great result with Maseer at 2nd round Trailblazers where he qualified for the Championships with a superb result of 69.62% just being pipped by William into 4th place x 36 entries.  Many thanks to Auchmillan Arabains for allowing me to train and ride him and to my trainer Paul Rigby for all his help. 



Swallowfields EC with William owned by Janet Evans gaining 67.70% and winning the Prelim Class 

Huge congratuations to recent achievements of my wonderful clients

Charlotte Bowden and Donny with two plus 66% tests at Allenshill

Beth Yates and Juno in their first Novice test at Allenshill with 65% 

Gaynor Rose with her superb achievements on Zyta. 



9/3/17 Solihull two plus 60% in Elem 50 & 44


23/3/17 Swallowfields E59 66% 

4/3 - 9/3 and 23/3




BD affiliated Novice tests N22 plus 65% N34 plus 65%  and N38 under List 1 judge 64% 

Clever boy ;o)))



Swallowfields unaf - Maseer achieved two plus 71% in P18 and N27 - now to tackle BD affiliated!!

17/2/17 Allenshill


Daphne achieved 65.22 and 68.46 in Nov 22 & Nov 39 



Clever Daphne in dreadful conditions achieved a very pleasing score of 66% in her second Novice competition.  Onwards and upwards ;o))

28/1/2017 Test Riding Clinic


Another VERY successful Test Riding Clinic with lots of positive riders enjoying the experience. 


Another Clinic planned for the end of February 2017 - watch for dates.

18th December 2016


Two fabulous scores to end the year 71.6% in Prelim 15 and a 1st, then 72.5% in Prelim 17 and a 2nd!!! At Swallowfields EC.

So very proud of Daphne - extra carrots ;o))) 



Fabulous day, fully booked - nice to see improvements after each lesson.  




So proud of William at his third dressage competition TGCA Championships at Solihull RC he achieved 65.93% and 2nd place.  Many thanks to his owner Janet Evans for letting me ride her special boy.




Daphne achieved two 2nd positions at Allenshill with a cautious 64% in P15 and a well done  68.57% in P17.



Ptashka at Allenshill achieved a superb 65% in Elem 57 and 1st prize. Plus over 60% in her Medium 61  (HC) Lots of encouragement and things to work on. 


Area Festival at Allens Hill 


So very proud of Ptashka - in awful weather conditions she achieved an 8th position in Elementary 53 with 64.61% average over three judges. 


In Novice 23 she achieved a 9th placing with 66.81% average over three judges. 




Super proud of William who at his first BD event achieved 63+ and 66+% in two Prelims qualifying for the Native Breeds Championships.  Many thanks to his owner Janet Evans for allowing me to compete him. 

20th August 2016


I got married

to my best friend, a very special person, Paul Jones.

13th August 2016


Kate JonesClinic


In conjunction with Laura Sheppard (Allen & Page)weighing horses and giving nutrional advice.Rob Jenkins, Master Saddler, checking and givng advice on tack  and Kate Jones UKCC Lev 3 giving her advice and help.  It was a busy, fun filled day with lots of people enjoying cake by Chris Evans.   Look out for next date before the winter sets in.  Hopefully October 2016. 



Ptashka achieved a 1st in Bronze section BD Elementary 50 at Solihull RC with 66.07% overall 2nd throughout the class (Gold/Silver/Bronze competitors) and in H/C Medium 63 a mark of 64% with some lovely comments from the judge. 



PTASHKA (Toman x Perspektiva) bred, owned, broken and produced by Kate and Judith Evans achieved the following placings over the three days of competition: 

Elementary 42 - 65.31% and 10th x 23 entries

Elementary 44 - 68.60% and 6th x 21 entries 

Elementary 49 - 66.67% and 7th x 23 entries 

Novice 30 - 67.12% and 7th x 23 entries 



Finn owned by Barbara Ellwood and Charlotte Bowden achieved two FIRSTS today with 66.76% in Prelim 17 and 65.86% in Prelim 15. First time in a long arena - his confidence is growing, so proud of him. 



Ptashka achieved two FIRSTS today - Novice 37 with 65.53% and Elementary 43 with 66.21% - this little mare always tries her hardest, so proud of her. 


Is holding a Clinic on Sat 13th August 2016

At her yard in Stoke Prior, Bromsgrove, Worcs









LAURA SHEPPARD BSc (Hons) Eq Dentistry


A unique opportunity to have your horse:


  • Weighed and assessed with a bespoke feeding programme


  • Your saddle checked and assessed for 45mins by a Master Saddler who will give you advice on improvements etc


  • A lesson by a registered accredited UKCC L3 and BD Judge for 45 mins.


£65 inclusive




Please contact Kate Evans Dressage

07510  157618

to book your space 

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Daphne competing in her first Novice class - Badminton Qualifier N30 at Solihull RC achieved a very pleasing 67.50% and 7th= x 16.



Ptashka achieved two firsts at Solihull RC with 66.1% in Elem 42 and 65.36% in Bronze Elem 50 Qualifier



Daphne achieved two Silver BD qualifiers at Allens Hill with a 1st in P15 with 65% and a 1st in P17 with 66.73%.



Ptashka achieved 64.13% and 3rd place in Elementary 45 and 65.53% and 3rd place in Elementary 57.



Daphne at her first BD Qualifier event at Swallowfields achieved 70.19% in P17 and a FIRST in Bronze category = 2nd overall!!!  Plus in P15 she achieved 70.86% and FIRST in Bronze category and FIRST overall.  



Times available from 2pm onwards - 45mins private lesson £25.00

Please contact me on 07510 157618 to book your space. 



Ptashka qualified for Trailblazers Championships in July 2016 at  both Novice and Elementary at Solihull RC



BLEACOTTS PENNY LAW owned by Caroline Smyth and ridden by Kate Evans, qualified for Trailblazers First Round at Swallowfields EC in Prelim and Novice section gaining a FIRST in Novice 24 with 65% 



DAPHNE qualified for Trailblazers First round Prelim at Swallowfields EC achieving a FIRST with 69.58% in Prelim 13 - maybe she will go to a party later this year ;o))



PTASHKA at her first BD Elementary gained a 2nd in Elem 43 with 63.10% and a FIRST in Elem 53 with 64.11%



Winter Regionals - Novice Freestyle to Music - Ptashka achieved a very creditable 65.28% at her first Regionals gaining 19th x 27 ;o)))




FROM 6pm - spaces are limited so please text me on 07510 157618 to reserve your place.  

Group Lessons - max of 3 - £20 each horse 

Individual Lessons - £25 for 30 mins



Another outing for Daphne where she achieved pleasing results of 66.66% and 64.32% against strong competition in P14/19 - onwards and upwards.



Another wonderful clinic with fabulous feedback from clients.


"Had a great flat work lesson with Kate yesterday, worked us both very hard and definitely saw a difference at the end of the lesson compared to when we first walked in! Thankyou very much x"


"Thank you so much Kate Evans Dressage we had a fab time loved it! Will have to sort out next lesson."


"I thoroughly enjoyed it, and actually buzzing with the work that was got out of my horse.  Thank you so much" 


"Brilliant instructor and got every horse last night going fantastic."


'Great lesson last night with Kate Evans Dressage.  Some really positive comments and plenty to work on."


"Fantastic flatwork clinic last night, such great results achieved with every horse and rider there.  Really clear with instructions and didn't over complicate things, but the results were amazing.  Never enjoyed flatwork so much.  Thank you so much."


I'll be in touch with the date of the next clinic. 




Ptashka achieved a 2nd and 3rd in BD Nov 24 and Nov 30 at Solihull RC. 



Maseer achieved a 1st and 2ndin Prelim 12 and Prelim 13 BD at Solihull RC with 68.6% and 64.58%. 



Maseer achieved a first place with 68.12% in P13 and in his first Novice test N24 - 63.26% plus two qualifications for Trailblazers!! 



Daphne is maturing into a wonderful horse, taking each new venue and outing in her stride. 

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Kate Evans Equine Schooling & Training, Worcestershire

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